Changing Engine in 91 Silverado Sport side truck

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Smile Changing Engine in 91 Silverado Sport side truck

What has to be changed to swap out a V6 engine in my truck to a
V8 engine. I have a manual 5 speed transmission will this bolt up to a V8.
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Antony W. Serio
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What size engines are we talking about here? I believe a tranny from a GM 263 will bolt up to a 350. I don't know what else needs to be upgraded, although I can guess that the radiator and front suspension will need to be changed.
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It is not that bad--atleast your dealing with a full size truck--a v8 in a S-10 is a little more tricky. Anyway the 4.3 to 5.7 swap should bolt up in the frame and to the tranny. I would also beef up the front springs and put in a bigger radiator. The hardest part will be the wiring and getting it to run. Notice I say SHOULD bolt up--the 5spd is the same tranny used in a v8--but the bell housing SHOULD have the bolt holes for the 350. And I THINK you can utilize the same motor mounts--if not they are easily attainable!
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You might ask yourself after doing all of that if it's just cheaper to buy a V8 equipped truck..and the answer is yes if you want it correct.

Stick with the V6 as is, run it till it drops. Then replace the truck for one with a V8.

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