97 Taurus Slow Fail Water Pump?


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Question 97 Taurus Slow Fail Water Pump?

I have a '97 Taurus that is overheating with both radiator fans going and a new stat. I have checked the play in the pulley of the water pump and it seems solid. No drip from weephole. I have backflushed the radiator with no restrictions in the hoses. The symptoms are that at idle, in gear, the temperature will slowly climb toward H. If I start driving, or put it in neutral and rev the engine, the temperature drops. I also do not get circulation through my heater core until the rpm's get above 2000. The temp drop when revving the engine in neutral makes me think I am not circulating enough water at idle, or have enough water pressure. Will a water pump begin to fail like this?
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yes, could also be partially plugged radiator.
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Get to a Ford dealer for a free fix. Assuming you have the 3.0L OHV Vulcan engine.

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Yes, Knuckles is right. Your coolant was likely muddy and brown as my cousin's was as well. I believe Ford even had problems with the water pump fins breaking off as well.

Fordtech who used to post here gave me some tips when I was working with my cousin's Taurus. You might look up that post too.
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Thumbs up Thanks to All for your help - Resolved

Thanks to Redneck, Knuckles, and Joe_F for your responses. I checked with the dealer on Knuckles' recall letter. Ford says I was sent the letters back in 1998, and the date is past. They were not interested in helping. Too Bad. I changed the water pump last night with an aftermarket $ 35 pump. I hope I never have to do that again - too little space. The old water pump impeller was eaten away, and resembled a Dutch windmill. I am amazed it pumped at all. I have also been through 2 expansion tanks in the past, discolored coolant, and the apparent aeration caused severe rusting on the heating circuit stubout on the old water pump, and on the sensor block stubout where the heating hose enters the block (fixed I hope with J B Bond). I do not know where the aeration would have come from, except the cracks in the 2 expansion tanks. That's all, again thanks for the help.

p.s. This is my wife's car, and she has been complaining about a gurgling sound coming from the engine recently. I had not been able to duplicate the sound in the garage or a quick turn in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it appears that the gurgling sound was probably the coolant boiling in the engine at low rpms. She admitted she was not paying any attention to the gauges. So far, there appears to be no visible damage, I hope....
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Ahh...Ford is notorious at doing that. My friend had something similar with his 87 Mustang, which he got from his parents. One day he was washing it (It was grey) and the paint just started flaking off in sheets. After the shock was over, he called Ford...sure enough there was a recall and the supposed "letter was mailed" game.

Owing to the fact that he got the car from his parents who got it new in 1987 and had every piece of paper that pertained to the car, it was safe to say he never got this letter. Still, Ford stiffed him and he ate the repair and got it painted.....subsequently sold the car, although he doesn't learn, he's got a 95 GT 5.0 now . Lol.

I think at last call my cousin was gong to investigate the fix with Ford as per my instructions. I'll find out for sure in the next couple of weeks when I finish tuning up his wife's 1993 Taurus...another Fomoco gem

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