Sulfur-like odor from engine or vent


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Sulfur-like odor from engine or vent


I own a 98 Toyota Camry and for the past year, there has a been an odor that comes and goes when I drive the car. It smells similar to sulfur. Any suggestion????
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It is your catylitic converter--have it replaced!
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Don't replace the convertor, That smell is a result of it doing it's job

When was the last time the the air filter was changed, It's not un common for that car to exhibit that smell after a hard run or hiway driving. Also certain brands of gas will smell more than others

Do you get the smell as your driving? or after you stop?

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If what you're describing as sulpher is a rotten egg smell check your battery. It's sulfating, needs too be filled and possibly charged.
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Hello Chachee,

I agree with toyotaman and easy wind could be either of these two things

You can have your battery checked(load tested or specific gravity)

Although I don't think your "cat" is bad, there is a backpressure test that can be done to check, and also due to your car meeting "OBD2" compliance it will have front and rear(before and after) the converter O2 sensors and should notify you by check engine light if the converter is not efficient enough to maintain the proper emissions.

I do agree that certain types of fuel and driving can cause the same smell
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On your car in the trunk on the drivers side behind the carpet directly opposite the side of the bumber is a pressure relielf vent to let pressure out of the cabin when you close the doors.

The rubber flaps some times fall off causing a low pressure leak at the rear body that can draw exhaust into the cabin. The flaps act as a one way valve letting air escape out, but not in


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