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Question A/C 94 Toyota

Hi another question. in and 94 toyota Corrolla, the A/C the A/C clutch.. or fan is NOT engaging. The system shows it is full of freon. just the fan doesn't kick in and blow air. are they some way to "bypass" or cross something to see what the problem is..if it is the fan motor...or if it is the clutch... or something else?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What are the low and high pres readings?

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If you mean that the fan isn't blowing any air out the vents I have a couple of questions...

Can you hear the blower kick in? (Like it's making the noise but no air is comming out)

Have you checked the fuse for the blower?

If it is only the blower that isn't working it has nothing to do with your actual a/c system.

There are 2 "fans" that your a/c system uses. One is behind the radiator (and / or in front) and the other is the blower that moves the air out through the vent system.

You need to make sure that both are operating and determine what the actual problem is.

It could be a vacuum leak making the air actually blow out another vent, a fuse, or a clog in the air flow system.

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