95 Ford Mustang Motor Change

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95 Ford Mustang Motor Change

Hi again, I have a 95 ford mustang coupe v/6 3.8 lit. 5 speed
I was thinking about changing it to a v/8 5.0 changing from a coupe to a GT.
Can you tell me what would be the process for it to convert over.
Or how would be the best and easiest way to change it over from v/6 to v/8? would the best one be a 5.0 or would it be better to go with something else?
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This swap will be nearly impossible unless you have access to a lift. The V-8 is installed from BELOW.

Assuming you have a lift, good mechanical skills & tools, it's still a difficult swap. Parts, even used parts are very expensive & lots of 'em have to be changed when converting. In the end, you'd spend more money swapping a V-8 in to your existing car than you would if you'd sold your car & bought a factory V-8 car.
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Agree, these are not your 60's and 70's muscle cars--go buy a GT!
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I agree with these guys. Waste of time. Pitch the car for one with a factory V8.

It will look, run, perform and be valued higher than any conversion from a V6 to a V8. V6 parts are made of gum and won't hold up well behind V8 power.

It will be cheaper in the long run to get a car with a V8 installed and mod that one. You can literally trip over a V8 Mustang they are so common.
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just finished this swap!!!!

it is a very easy swap to do all u need is the 5.0 and wiring harness it plugs right in u need the computer from the v8 under the dash and behind the radiator the bell housing from the v8 will bolt right to your tranny they are practically the same I don't think there is a difference and your exhaust will need tweaking.. right now im having a computer problem the 5.0 computer will not fit in the old ones spot think its the wrong one or something... will update when I find out whats up...
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Hello, this thread is 10 years old and you're talking to ghosts, since no one is a member (or even a name) anymore.
If you have a question or need help, please start a new thread.
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