1990 Ford Ranger Powere Problem


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1990 Ford Ranger Powere Problem

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger with a 2.9 L V 6, Automatic Transmission and a recently rebuilt engine. I've developed a power porblem i.e. The vehicle does not accelerate very well and the gas mileage has dropped significantly. The rotor cap and wires were replaced as well as the catalytic converter on advice from others but the problem still persists. Additionally it runs hotter than previously but not in the danger zone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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have you checked your timing with the spout connector disconnected to ensure it is set correctly at 10 degrees btc, you should also run a fuel pressure test you may have to drive the vehicle with a fuel guage installed to determine if you are losing fuel pressure, have your codes checked to see if that shows anything wrong you say you have replaced the catylitic convertor but did you have an exhaust shop do a back pressure test on the exhaust system to ensure it was free flowing.
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Might also want to check both the MAP sensor and the fuel pressure regulator.

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