3.1L V6 idle problems


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3.1L V6 idle problems

I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra with a 3100 (3.1L) V6 in it. When I start it for the first time each day it seems to be searching for the correct idle speed. It will idle up, and then way down. When the car idles down it shakes the whole car. I do not get any engine light indicators, and the car does not stall. After it warms up it runs like a champ. This only seems to happen the first time I run it each day. If I start it after work it runs fine, but the next morning it runs lousy until it warms up. Is it some sort of sensor problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Clean the throttle body of dirt and junk, failing that, a bad idle air control valve.
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Check the coolant temp sensor, cheap enough to replace

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