94 chevy cab corner $


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94 chevy cab corner $

From my earlier posts on a pain/water bubble I have concluded
that cab corner would have to be replaced.
I have a 94 ext. cab 1500 chev.
No matter what I did to touch up the bad spot a tiny blister would appear after 6 hours or so after water got behinde inner and oter skin.
This truck is in ex. shape and as before , I always rinse out during winter.
I sanded away what I did and metal is shiny with no rust but a little soft so it must be thin and giving out.
If I take it to a reputible local shop and have the corner cut out and replaced do they have good quality corners and what would be a reasonable price ?
also where it is cut will the odds be that it will rust at that point in short order?
Left side is firm and what I can see through drain holes is clean grey, unlike right side which is slightly pitted which is where the moisture might be absorbed.
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forgot some info

The bad area is actually about 6" from corner and about 4"long.
Is it poss. for them to just remove that (curved) section on bottom with same quality work or shoulsd all section be replaced to make certain all bad is out?
Sorry to make this so long but this area has an outer panel and the outer skin and in between has like a peice of angle mounted piece of sheet metal and where the 3 meet is the bad spot although I cannot get any dirt out the previous owner (94 -96) may not have done anything to keep clean.
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Yes, a good shop can weld in the piece and you won't be able to tell.

That being said, check with a GM dealer to see if there is a repair panel available that can be fitted in.
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If I were you I'd check J.C. Whitney. They carry alot of pieces like that. I wouldn't be surprised if they had that particular cab corner right in stock. I think you could actually check them out online.

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