Fuel rich exhuast

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Fuel rich exhuast

I've 94 E 350 Ford van with a 5.8 engine, 243000 miles on it and I'm having trouble with fuel rich exhuast and a check engine light. Ive tuned it up replaced the egr and the position sensor on top as well as the o2 sensor. I've gotten codes of 173, rich exhuast bank, 214 spout circt open, 10 snap throttle, and 327 low egr volts. What is the snap throttle code is it rrelated to the tps? Any other suggestions????????? What other parts could be related?
HElp PLease!!!!!!!!
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10 Snap Throttle means exactly that...You should momentarily snap the throttle wide open when this code is displayed. Click here for more info on the snap throttle code & the EEC-IV Quick Test in general.

214 SPOUT circuit open means just that. The Spark OUT (SPOUT) circuit is open & the PCM is NOT controlling spark timing. You can verify this w/ a timing light. Remove the SPOUT connector & check base timing. Turn the engine off. Install the SPOUT connector & recheck timing @1500-2000 RPM. It should be much higher than the spec. noted in the 1st test. If it's still fixed at base timing, check the wires from the SPOUT connector to the ECM and the ignition module. If the wires are ok, suspect the module or the ECM.

173 O2 Fixed Rich means that your O2 sensor is constantly sensing a rich condition in the exhaust gas. This is usually due to a faulty fuel pressure regulator or a faulty MAP sensor. However, rich codes can also be set by a faulty IAT sensor or ECT sensor, as well as sticking injectors, etc.

Check the regulator first. It's easy. Simply remove the vacuum hose & look for signs of liquid fuel. If you find liquid in the hose or the regulator nipple, the regulator is bad.

The MAP sensor is a little tougher to test. It requires the use of a DMM capable of reading Hz. I believe the Haynes manual shows a backyard testing method, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Ignore the EGR code for the time being. Clear all codes & road test the truck. Recheck for codes when the check engine light comes on & let us know what you find. Make sure you follow the EEC Test procedure at the link I posted above.

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