van radiator fans not running


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van radiator fans not running

My wife's car is a '97 Chrysler town and Country with 80K on the engine. It has a 3.8 v-6, automatic trans.
My problem is that the radiator fans don't run, and the car overheats because of it. The A/C runs ok as long as the car is at highway speeds. when the airflow thru the radiator slows, then the problem begins. I'm guessing there is a temp. sensor that is not telling the fans to run. My fuse (a 40 amp, big sucker) is ok, I ohmed it out and moved it to a different position on the fuse block. The other possibility is that a relay is not pulling in somewhere, but it's not shown on the fuse block. Any ideas?

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Check the fan relay. Usually a temp sensor tells the ecm what the temp is, then when that set temp is met, the ecm grounds the fan relay.
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Run jumper wires from the fan to the battery and if the fan runs it's probably the relay, if not it's the fan.
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Do as the others have told you. The fan relay as I recall is located near the LH headlight and is a common failure part..most dealers stock it.

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