1975 Chevy running rough


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1975 Chevy running rough

1975 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with 350. Approximately 160,000 miles on engine. tuned up about 3 months ago. The last couple times I have had the truck out it will run fine until it is good and warmed up then the engine starts missing while I am driving (usually around 35-40 mph). If I push in on the clutch and rev the engine, everything sounds fine, let out on the clutch and it starts missing and sputtering.

Engine starts and idles fine.

Thanks in advance...
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Chevy performance

South, not sure of ignition type as you did not say. However, whether points or HEI, I believe you will find your problem is originating from the distributor. Check out www.autolibrary.org on how to test and diagnose your ignition system (distributor).
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Not able to get to the autolibrary.org website. Any info on how to diagnose the ignition. It is a typical distributor setup...
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How's your timing?

Any library should have a copy of an old Chilton book you can borrow to see how to test everything.

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