A Weird Problem...


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A Weird Problem...

1992 Pontiac Grand AM
2 Door, 4 cyl. 2.3 liter "D" type engine
40,000 miles

Someone please help me out! I've got the weirdest thing wrong with my car that has been puzzling me for months. It has a hesitation problem starting out from 0 mph until about 45 mph. It doesn't act up all of the time, which makes this problem strange. I'll step on the gas pedal from a stop and it will give me juice for about a second or two. Then the pedal will be completely non-responsive until the engine goes through a couple of hesitations. Then once it finally it catches up with itself again, it will be completely normal.

I have noticed that it will always happen when I drive somewhere for at least 10 minutes or so, turn the car off, and then get back in and drive again. When it has to start a second time, it will always hesitate in the beginning. It rarely ever completely stahls out. It will usually regain power after a few seconds.

I have also had problems starting it last week. It was really hot out and I drove for about a half hour. Then I got out and didn't come back to the car for about an hour. When I tried starting it again, the engine wouldn't even turn over. All the electric worked fine (windows, radio, lights, etc.) I waited for about another hour and then it mysteriously started without any trouble at all like nothing had ever happened.

I have already replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, and battery. I also tried adding fuel injector cleaner. None of these did the trick. What could be wrong?
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Second problem: Check for a bad connection at the starter. Rap on the starter with a hammer. If it starts, you have a bad starter...replace it with a rebuilt.

As for the first problem, start with the links and posts in my signature file below...do you have trouble codes?

With that being said, be VERY careful about spending money on this car. The vin D motor is a Quad 4 engine...prone to head gasket failure (and subsequent ones even after it's fixed) and not worth a wooden nickel. It's VERY problematic
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Yeah, I have a list of trouble codes. Would this be able to pin-point the problem? I have heard that this engine has head gasket problems along with numerous other ones too. In fact, it's been recalled for the head gasket. Do you think that I should consider getting rid of the car after I get this fixed while it only has 40,000 miles on it? I don't want to run into anymore larger problems in the future.

Also, what do you mean by tapping on the starter with a hammer? If I have a bad starter, would this tapping start the car when it's dead?
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Rapping on the starter body with a hammer often jars it loose so it works again. In such case the starter is defective.

Yes, I would suggest pitching the car. They are not very good and very problematic.
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