finding an online manual


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finding an online manual

My husband wants to get a kit to change over the a/c in our van to an R134 (1982 Chevy). He asked me to try to find something on the internet that would be like a Chilton's Manual or similar so that he can see where the compressor is al all that stuff. I've not had any luck finding anything that we can view on the net without having to pay for it first or actually ordering the books. Does anyone know of a sight that we can go to?
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At minimum:

New hoses, new receiver dryer, orifice screen, and flush of the old R12 oil and replaced with the new stuff. The other A/C components could very well be questionable as well, especially if the A/C has not worked in some time.

It will get a bit expensive to fix on an old horse like this, so make sure it's worth it. If the van is in poor shape, it's good money after bad.

Each vehicle varies, so you're not likely to find an online manual that tells you what you want to know....even the original service manual was written with R12 charging in mind...not relevant for you.

You might contact AC Delco or Four Seasons to see what they suggest.
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You might want to visit the forum at .

You should also steer clear of Four Seasons, Factory Air, Murray & Everco crap. All 'remanufactured' by the same company & all crap.

FJC, Inc. sells a pretty good "Guide to Retrofitting". It's not to be taken as gospel, but it's a reasonably good guide.
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There's another resource, but I still suggest you contact one of the compressor companies to see what they recommend. This way if you do have problems, you have something in writing to show them .

With that being said, establish that the system is basically sound and the vehicle is worth the repairs. Parts will get expensive on an old one like this.

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