1994 Chevy Beretta


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Question 1994 Chevy Beretta

I have a 1994 Chevy Beretta, and the cigeratte lighter doesn't work. And I can't get any power to it, when I want to use my CD car adpater.
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Have you checked the fuse yet?
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1994 Chevy Beretta

I didn't check the fuse box because I don't know to much about my Beretta. Besides looking at certain things under the hood.
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Beretta Lighter

Do you have the owners manual? It will show you the location of the fuse block. If not, go to www.autolibrary.org and enter your vehicle info. Then click, Chassis electrical, then click Circuit protection, then click on Fuse block. This will show you where the fuse block is located, what to look for and how to replace any blown fuses.. Good luck and please post your results.
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1994 Chevy Beretta

I can't get on that web page. My computer says I'm not authorized to that web page.
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When you open the driver's door the fuse block should be right behind a plastic cover that says "fuse panel" on it.

It is the same color as the dash and stuck right in the side of the dash. It is covered by the door when it's closed.

Whether the fuse positions are marked as to what powers what is another question. But you can always pull every one (one at a time) to see if there are any blown.
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Again, what about the owner's manual?

The updated autolibrary link is in my signature file below.
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Something else you may want to check, If I'm not mistaken,(and goodness knows THAT has happened!) the horn and the cigarette lighter are on the same circuit. If you are drawing your power from either of these sources the fuse usually won't handle it well. As a brief backup of my thought here, I used to handle selling the "driver's Ed." cars for the dealership I worked at. They always hooked up the instructors brake pedal through the horn/cig. lighter circuit. You have no idea how many of these fuses I have replaced after selling the vehicle. If you are inclined,
I might suggest getting an aftermarket "cigarette lighter type plug-ins" that you can buy from most auto parts chains, and find another power source to draw from.

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