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Unhappy computer dtc's

i have a 1995 ford contour se 2.5l fully loaded. it is running poorly. surges at idle, hesitates, and backfires when stepping on the accelerator when cold. I retrieved these codes. koeo on demand slow codes are: 335 ept voltage, 551 IAC ckt failure, koeo keep alive slow codes are: 172 sys lean bnk 1, 176 tss out put low, 556 fuel pump primary, 639 sys lean bank 2. koer codes were: 412 idle rpm low, 411 tcs did not change, 653 idle rpm high. I have heard of a recall by ford for the wire looms on this? but I need to know what the EPT & TSS are and could these codes be from the recall, a friend who is a technician retrieved the codes with an otc enhanced scanner. please help. thank you.
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Check Knuckles website for some detail on the trouble codes and what they mean, or plug in "Ford OBD II trouble codes" on to see what you get.

Check for any recall information on it or simply call Ford with your VIN #.

With that being said, what does your friend's OTC Scanner manual say about the trouble codes?
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Yes, there has been a recall on the harness (among many recalls for this model):

Not one of Ford's better "Quality is Job 1" projects

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