hard water stains?


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Question hard water stains?

hello everyone I'just had a problem whit the paint on my car the other day I park my car in front of the driveway and the sprinklers spray my car whit hard water and I want to nkow if some one can tell me how to get them of my paint imagine my car is black and had recient paint job and now looks like sh%$#^&* please help
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Hit any auto body supply shop with 3M products. They will likely have a good product to get the water stains out.

There are specific products for black vehicles, so follow their advice.
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BEFORE you try any polishes or waxes, wet the spots with vinegar, let it work for a minute, then wipe off and rinse. They should come off completely. Putting a polish or wax on first will seal the minerals so the vinegar can't soak in to dissolve the spots.
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Agreed, however, the body supply shop would likely recommend a compound or a polish NOT a wax (there's a difference ).

3M makes Perfect It which is specially made for black and dark finishes.
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I had a similar problem with a black 97 Mustang. The body shop said it was acid rain damage. It etches into the paint. I tried various cleaners to no avail. I let the body shop polish it. It took out 90% of the damage. Cost me $300.

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