96 Ford Windstar


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96 Ford Windstar

My 96 Ford Windstar, 3.8 Liter, 6 cyl., Automatic with anti-lock brakes, has a brake problem - I think.
When I stop at a normal to slow speed, just before I come to a complete stop, the transmission downshifts, the engine speeds up and the anti-lock brake system kicks on causing the unnerving pulsating peddle. This does not occur at high speed braking, or hard braking at any speed (unless an actual locking up situation occurs).
This problem started after (not immediately, but after) the transmission was replaced. My theory is that the engine is downshifting late, causing the anti-lock system to sense too high an engine speed for the speed of the wheel rotation which makes it think the vehicle is going into a skid. This false skid reading causes the anti-locks to kick in.

Is this false skid theory possible? If not what else could cause this antilock pulsing just before a complete stop.
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Sounds like something's amiss with the antilock system. Time for professional service as you need the right tools and procedures to service it.

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