1988 merc. gr. marquis


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janet givens
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1988 merc. gr. marquis

Hi ! Has anyone ever heard of putting automatic transmission fluid into the gas tank ?!!!!? My car has been wanting to act sluggish or skip a little when I accelerate. It doesn't do so every time though. A mechanic said that the fuel injectors may be dirty and to wait until the fuel tank is low, then pour a bottle of a.t.f. into the tank just before I fill it up. Afterthe tank of gas is used up, if the car is still doing the same, then it could be the wires or plugs. Anybody got a clue...........??????
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I wouldn't put ATF in fuel tank. Very well could clogg cat convertor. If you want to clean injectors why not use Techron. Or a simular product designed for that purpose.

BTW sounds like a secondary ignition problem(wires, plugs etc)


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I have heard of putting atf down the intake to clean the carbon out of the engine, but it will clog the catalytic converter(s).

I wouldn't think that atf would be an effective injector cleaner.

How long has it been since it's had a tune up?
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Let me know where this "mechanic" is, I'll make sure to stay far away from him...he hasn't a clue.

As the other posters correctly stated, the problem is elsewhere.

Starting with a full tuneup and servicing is square one. Need to start there

See my post The Basics below for some other ideas.

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