Power to all, no cranking


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Power to all, no cranking

I have a 92 chevy blazer full size 4x4. I can turn on the key and the starter does not crank. I get power to all lights, radio etc. I also have remote start. I can click on the remote start, and get all the usual response...but it wont engage the starter.

I do not hear the selenoid clicking, or attempting to engage. ....

I think I have eliminated the key mechanism (loose and can work w/out the key sometimes, because the remote start is supposed to work without the key, and it does not.

I think it is 1) the selenoid 2) the ignition switch 3) wiring....Pretty much covers it all (laugh)
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Depending on your particular vehicle, could also be a bad or stuck shift or clutch safety switch (the switch that prevents cranking if the shifter is not in "P" [auto] or the clutch is not depressed [manual]).
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Angry Caravan Won't Start at ALL!!!!

I have 1 97 Dodge Caravan ,6 cycl, 3.0 engine. I turn the key and NOTHING at all Happens. No start No Noise No nothing. I replaced the starter with a new one and still no NOTHING. Please help Please Email me [email protected]
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Similar Problem with my Caravan 1997

Did you get it to start .? What was the problem my Van is doing same thing Not starting or anything???
Email me Please [email protected]
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Caravan poster:

Please read the forum guidelines and post your question accordingly for us to help you out. Without that, we haven't a chance as we are miles away from the machine....you could have gotten a defective rebuilt starter.

As for the Blazer person, not sure of your actual problem. If you are saying the starter doesn't work AT ALL, then it could simply be bad. Rap on the body of the starter with a hammer. If you free it, wiped out starter. Replace it with a rebuilt.

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