A/C charging


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Wayne D
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Cool A/C charging

Im in the process of charging the a/c on '94 Voyager. There is no sight glass, so how do I know when its full?. Its blowing cool, seems like it could be colder. Is ther any tricks, without buying a guage?
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Nope, that's what a gauge is for .

Try renting one from Autozone. Never attempt A/C repairs without the proper tools.
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Wayne D
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Thanx Joe F
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You do have a sight glass (but it's really small).

I have a '94 caravan and I have one. Itís on top of the block attached to the top of the dryer.

I've heard that a sight glass on an r-134 system is harder to interpret because it's cloudy when it's fully charged.

You're going to spend about $35 on a good gauge (one that will fit both low and high side lines). I wouldn't rely on the tire gauge looking thingy (although that's better than nothing).

Another way to get a pretty good idea when you're full:

Put the heater on full blast and make sure the passenger compartment is really hot (or wait for it to get to about 150 degrees on a hot sunny day). Run the a/c system full blast on max (recirculate) and crank the rear unit to full blast (if so equipped).

When you can get the low a/c line to feel cold at the compressor with the system working as hard as it can then you're good to go. The logic being that if you can work the system that hard and still have some liquid refrigerant at the compressor end of the low line then there's plenty of liquid refrigerant back at the evaporator(s).

If you want a dedicated sight for a/c maintenance on autos, pay a visit to www.aircondition.com and check out the discussion forums there. This site is really good as well, but there are pro a/c techs over there who love to help out.
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Wayne D
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Jason, oK, Is the air dryer on the rt. fender? Black Cylider shaped? Ok I had to take out the jack and I think I found the sight glass. Is it flush with the top and about....under an eighth of an inch wide?? That is pretty small, what do I look for?
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Re: A/C charging

Originally posted by Wayne D
Is ther any tricks, without buying a guage?
You can get a small gauge that looks like an air gauge, but not sure how accurate they are. I used one when recharging a couple of mine and they are doing good. These have a reading for home and auto on them.

P.S. You may want to change any 0-rings while you are at it. Had a guy to charge a system for me once. He forgot to change the 0-rings and lost about 2 cans of refrigerant as soon as he put them in. He charged me for the two cans he had to put back in! If his shop was not at his home, we would have had a serious talk about that! But I just took as a lesson learned.

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