94 Ford Aerostar- sputtering with air conditioner and smell


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94 Ford Aerostar- sputtering with air conditioner and smell

94 Ford Aerostar V6 AWD 4.0

No check lights or engine lights. Runs fine except for a few times it does the following.

When you start the van with the air conditioner on it sputters and doesn't run right. It takes a bit for it to warm up. Occationally you get a gas smell ( but a bit different) off of it when you shut off the engine when it does this. It does not happen all the time- Just occationally. Also when the air conditioner is on it tends to rev up like the tranny is going out but it does not do this at any other time. Any ideas? We are suppose to go on a big trip soon. Help! We assume it could be the alternator but what about the smell?

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Please read the top of the forum's posting guidelines for the required information and repost using the reply button...

Do you have trouble codes stored (or is the check engine light on?)

When was the last time the vehicle has seen service?

Possible dirty throttle body or bad idle air control valve...but need much more information to be able to help.

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