A/C Problems with '99 Escort


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A/C Problems with '99 Escort

My air conditioner is not functioning properly. It wasn't blowing cold so I took it to a mechanic who charged my unit and put colored freon in the A/C to see if he might find the leak (with a black light). He couldn't find it that day, and since it started blowing cold when he charged it, he wanted to wait and see. That was $100 and 2 weeks ago. Now it's not cold again and I would like to know what I can do.

I bought freon at Walmart with a gauge. The gauge said my unit was in the red as far as pressure so it would not take any more freon. I bled the A/C to let out some of the pressure in hopes of getting some freon in there. I put in a can, but it is still not blowing cold. Should I have bled it more until I started feeling cold?

Has anyone out there had problems with a '99 Escort A/C? BTW - it's out of warranty. 3 years 36K miles was up a while ago...

Looking forward to your response.

- David Cook
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Personal opinion here: Find a better a/c shop. Try an a/c specialty shop insteadIf you're not careful you can damage your system and be out even more. Unless you left something out of the description of the work done, $100 is pretty steep, especially since the problem was not resolved. Considering the relatively low cost of the freon, that should have gotten you about 1 1/2 hours of troubleshooting - more than enough time to find even the hardest-to-find leak. For that much money the original shop should have another go at fixing it at no additional charge. I haven't seen anyone around here using the blacklight method for leak locations lately; they all use electronic "sniffers" to pinpoint leaks.
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I agree with TowGuy

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