clutch noise 95 chevy S-10


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clutch noise 95 chevy S-10

I have a 95 Chevy S-10 2.2 ltr standard transmission w/ 71,000 miles. i just purchased it a couple of months ago. For some reason after it has been drivin for approx 20-30 min, the clutch gets just a little stiffer, and seems to make a squeaking noise like it need some wd-40. Once I was in traffic and I shifted to a lower gear and let out the clutch and nothing happened(like i was in nuetral so i tryed a couple of other gears and finnaly caught in first gear. i pulled over and let it cool for about 30 min and was able to drive home with no prob. I brought it to the dealer and they have no idea. i havnt had the clutch go out like that one time again, but it still feels alot different and i dont want to get stranded somewhere. when it hasnt been drivin for a little while i experience no problem(no noise or anything) untill it warms up.
I am at a loss for ideas. Any help would be appreciated.
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Has the linkage been checked for binding or bent parts?

Sounds like it could have internal problems and when things heat up, they stick. 71k is about right for a clutch, throwout bearing and pressure plate replacement.

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