1990 Gr. Prix electrical problem


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1990 Gr. Prix electrical problem

Hi all,

On the way home from work today my a/c compressor took a big dump on me. I just spent the day replacing the compressor and was getting ready to recharge the system when the blower for the climate control and the a/c compressor quit working.

I've checked all of the fuses in the fuse block in the glove box. I've checked all of the fuses in the relay center under the hood. If I take the relay out and jump the relay spot for the a/c compressor it does not kick in, but if I take the a/c compressor relay out and run a hot to the spot for that a/c compressor relay normally energizes I can get the compressor clutch to kick in.
Is there a common fuse somewhere for both the climate control blower and the a/c compressor? I'm stumped and bummed. (Soon to be hotter 'n hell! with out my a/c!)

Where else should I be checking?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, when I first was going to recharge I had the blower on high and it was working great. The a/c compressor was kicking in and the idle kicked up.

Now I don't get the idle change, no compressor kick in, and no blower from the climate control.
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if you havent recharged the a/c after replacing the compressor then your low pressure switch is most likely keeping the compressor from kicking in, have you checked for power and ground at the blower motor you may need a wiring diagram of the system to determine whats wrong.
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Well I did jump the connection at the low pressure switch, but I'll explain...

This is so weird, I've never had any trouble with the blower before.

Come to find out that my jumper wire was not making a good connection so that's why the compressor wasn't kicking in.

I tapped the blower motor and some wires jiggled.... woosh, the blower kicked right in. Now when it gives me trouble all I have to do is wiggle the plug near the blower motor (it's so packed in under the dash that I'm not really sure of what I'm really wiggling).

Thanks for the advice. I'm now cool and dry.
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Check the blower motor connection closely. It may be loose or fatigued.

The same thing happened with my 84 Oldsmobile. The plug was half off . I simply snapped it on again..no more problems.
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Thanks all!

I'd have to use a mirror to see my blower motor. It's stuffed behind some electrical relay station. I can only feel the electrical connection I can't see it.

I'll heed your advice and try to get a look at it using a mirror.

It's funny. I've had trouble with the relay for the rear window defogger (in the same area and on that relay cluster). It's to the point where I can reach right over (and down) and grab right ahold of the defogger relay while driving down the road to get it to kick in when I push the button.

The blower motor is just a bit too far out of reach so now I have to stop and give it a jiggle. Good thing it started working when it did. I'm a self-proclaimed master rigger... and it was about to be rigged.

This car has over 200k on it and I haven't felt mean enough to treat it like the old beater that it is. Usually by the time a car of mine gets that far along I have a couple of rows of toggle switches on the dash... and an aftermarket temp/oil pressure gauge. So far this car has escaped my rant... but it was close.

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