4 quick questions about 89 camry V6


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Question 4 quick questions about 89 camry V6

I have a four door 1989 Camry LE V6. It has about 250,000 km's or 150,000 miles. The engine is a replacemant with about 120,000km's/ 75,000 miles.

I have four questions about problems I am having?

1) A sort-of-sulfur like smell comes form my battery and it leaks fluid from the vents. I have just replaced it (2 days ago) because the last one kept dying. what is the problem? alternator overcharging, voltage regulator, short?

2) On the fifth cyclinder, the spark plug wire pops off. The wire is not to short nor is it vibrating off, I push the plug wire down onto the plug, start the car and in a few minutes the wire actually 'pops' off (with a little a poppping sound). The wires are new the plugs are not. Is this a stripped plug thread, loose plug or some other way that pressure is leaking past the plug and popping off the wire?

3) The car idles unsteadily. The engine revs betwen 200 rpms and 1000rpms up and down (constantly, like it is breathing) after starting. Sometimes does not do this until after a couple miles of stop and go driving. Sometimes the low end of the rev is so low that it stalls, upon restart sometimes the idle is fine, steady and quiet. Is this a timing issue, vacuum leak, fuel injector problem, fuel filter? It seems odd that it is only about 50% of the time and that sometimes after a stall it will fix itself.

4) Loud clunk when deccelerating or hit bumps from front drivers side, sometime on acceleration. It does not seem like a suspension problem but rather that the engine is shifting . My first thought was the engine mounts. I tightend the lower engine mounts (which were fairly loose) and think I may have to replace the top left and right mounts. Is it possible that the loose mounts have caused something else to cause the 'clunk' or that it is another problem altogether?

Any insight, suggestions or help much appreciated, thanks.
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1) Likely an overcharging alternator. Test it and replace it as required.

2) Use only Toyota OEM wires for the best fit. Pitch the aftermarket replacements if they are not top quality ones. Now's a good time for a full tuneup as well.

3) Vacuum leak, possible dirt in the throttle body/bad idle air control valve. Pull your trouble codes from the computer with the links below and tell us what you find.

4) Probably stretched engine mounts, yes.
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thanks for the insight. I'll be reparing the car over the next week or so and will get back with the solutions.

couple of other points.........

stretched engine mounts? does this mean they cannot be retightend to work fine? do they have to be replaced?

Is there normally pressure inside the spark plug cavity that would pop the wire off if it was a faulty wire? (they are new wires). It would seem that there is something else wrong to pop the wire off ?(unless it is just heat that is heating up the air in there and the wire pops off cause it does not grab the plug properly).
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As I said, some wires are junk. The OEM Toyota wires seem to fit the best...

If the mounts are worn, they have to be replaced.
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Even junk wires should not blow right off (I agree use only Toyota wires, usually last almost 100k miles a set). Compression has to be leaking past either loose or cracked plug, or damaged threads

See it all the time some one takes off oem Toyota wires and replaces them with junk. They change the wires to prevent problem and creates one.
Pretty sad when old wires are better than new aftermarket.


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