Ignition??? or Sensors???


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Question Ignition??? or Sensors???

Jackmaster or Chevy owners,

My friends Fiance' has a '95 Chevy Cavelier with 111'200 miles that hesitates at 35 or 45mph. The car only does it when you excellerate the car at a good pace. It does'nt do it when it is slow and easy take offs. Also when the car is on either 35 or 45 mph steady speed. The car starts acting as if it has pre-ignition problems. From all of the above. Awhile back I replaced the the fuel filter cleaned the fuel-lines out , treated the gas tank for water and corrosion, airfilter,2 vaccum hoses and checked all connections. The car ran fine for 3 monthes. The car idles great. Has good power. Timing is selfset.( 2 fixed magnetos). She took the car to the dealer. He said no codes came up & he drove the car 20 miles. Which I think is a croc. I reconized it in 20 secounds of testing the car myself. I'm not ASE certified but hold 2 certicates in engine mechanics from the Service and tech school. I'm not a mechanic anymore but the basics are still there.The electronics on this car is over welming. I think possible sparkplug wires, or sensors if so which one, possible magnito problem?, Do you think the module on the automatic trans may be interfering??
or timing shain?.The owners repair manual does'nt give any dyagnosis format to follow. Just how to take it apart and put back together.
Please help.

:confused Dennis
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Check the EGR valve for coking or carbonization at this stage. Clean it out and install a new gasket. See if that helps.
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Igniton ?? or Sensors???


Thanks for respounce. I'll let you know what happens. We work
2nd shift. I'll see when I can look at her car and let you know if any thing further needs to be done. Talk soon.


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Have you considered a plugged catalytic converter?
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Ignition?? or Sensors??

Jason ,

Yes, I had the catylitic convertor tested it was Fine. If it was bad it would'nt have the power I was talking about,also there is a bad oder such as egg smell when they are going bad. If it was clogged up I would'nt be able to get out of the drive way.I had a car do it to me before. The car could'nt go over 15 mph. So I cut it off . The car ran like a cat on fire. The noise was alittle load but hey it worked. Good point Jason.

Take care,
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