92' Toyota Corolla brake & battery light


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Question 92' Toyota Corolla brake & battery light

hi, i have a 92' toyota corolla 4 cyl. front wheel drive, automatic transmission. Last night i was driving and the brake light and the battery light came on and won't go off. I don't know what these two things have to do with each other, but the headlights seemed dimmer than normal (i can't tell for sure) so because of this i'm thinking it may be the alternator that is the problem, but i don't know why that would cause the brake light to come on. I'm really tight on money so i can't afford to take it in to get looked at so if anyone has any suggestions on what the problem may be i'd appreciate it
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Likely a discharging alternator. Check it as per my post "The Basics". Change the drive belt too at the same time you do the alternator (if that's the trouble).
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brake and battery light

I would say it is the alternator. change it out and change the belt at the same time if you can afford it. you could try to reset teh lights by disconnecting the battery to see if it happens again. sometimes this could be an intermittent problem rather than another kind. but the thing you mentioned about the lights dimming seems to say it is not intermittent. could it be just a loose belt? I don't know check it. good lcuk. jermey
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yup, it was the alternator, i changed that and the belt and the warning lights went off and it's doing ok now, but now when i accelerate from a stop it'll squeal so im pretty sure the belt needs to be tightened but it allready is as tight as the other belts so i dunno i guess i'll try to tighten it more
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Use the link in autolibrary.org below to help you.

Use only Toyota OEM, Gates or Dayco belts when you replace them.

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