1992 Acura Integra Radio/Electrical System


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1992 Acura Integra Radio/Electrical System


I have a 1992 Acura Integra four door sedan. The problems I am experiencing are related to the radio and/or electrical system.

The car has the factory-installed AM/FM stereo w/cassette player. Yesterday, after the car was parked in my garage all weekend, I had a problem when I started the car. When I turned the key in the ignition, I heard a clicking sound. I looked up to notice the LED clock on the dash was reset to 1:00, all the AM and FM presets were gone, the “door open” warning light was lit, and the motorized antenna did not extend.

I turned off the car and tried again. Same thing. The car starts and all other systems work without a problem. I noticed that if I have the radio on, I cannot read the clock and the “door open” warning light remains lit. If I turn the radio off, I can the clock is lit and the “door open” warning light turns off. If I set the clock, or preset a radio station, then turn off the car, when I start the car, the clock reverts to 1:00 and the presets are gone.

Several years ago, the antenna motor was replaced. However, then the only problem was the antenna not extending. I never had problems with the clock, radio presets, or warning lights.

Any idea on what is causing this problem? What could have happened? Everything worked fine on Friday evening when I parked the car, but this all started Monday morning. Is high heat to blame? The garage reached about 100 degrees F over the weekend, but that shouldn’t be any hotter than sitting on a parking lot all day in direct sunlight and 95 degree F heat.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sounds like a loose battery cable, poor connection or a wiped out battery/alternator.

Have the battery and alternator load tested by a parts store. My post "The Basics" below has an alternator load test you can try.

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