Headlights On A Ford 3.8


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Angry Headlights On A Ford 3.8

i have had a 92 cougar for about a year now and i have pretty much had nothing but problems with it. first i got slammed by a semi coming home from wrestling practice on the expressway, then my brother rear ends me right in front of the house. now my headlights are BLINKING. it just started to do it a few days ago. i have looked at all the wires that go to the headlights and i have even changed the bulbs to no avail. my father says it might have something to do with my alarm but if it had to do with my alarm it would have been doing it for a while now because my alarm has been disabled for about 6 months now. my parking lights stay on the whole time and my brights work if i pull the lever, but they still blink. does anybody have any idea what can be causing this problem ? its really a bind because i work nights and the way i take home is all the backroads because it is shorter. i dont want to get into an accident and hurt myself of anybody else i just want this problem fixed. any info would be great. has anybody else had this problem ? the headlights will work fine for 5-10 mins and then they start blinking. i have no clue what it can be and i am stumped. PLEASE HELP ! i have had alot of success with this forum in the past with small problems and whatnot, so im hoping this can help out too. HELP ME JOE_F !!!! PLEASE !!!
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You mentioned it was in an accident. Look at your wiring closely. A wire is likely to be loose or grounding out. It may have been pinched or damaged as a result of the accident.

As I recall, Fords of this vintage also have problems with the headlight switches and a melting connector to it, you might try changing the headlight switch. I
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Fords have a circuit breaker in the headlite sw. Sounds like you have a pinched wire to ground and the circuit breaker is tripping on and off.

Or could just be the circuit breaker is weak. Will they work for the 5 min and then start blinking even if you don't move the car?

If so proberly a bad headlite sw, also try disconnecting one headlite to lessen the load and see if they stay on = weak circuit breaker


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