I need HELP!!!!


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Question I need HELP!!!!

Hello, this is the first time i've tried to get any help on the internet for my " Hooptie" car. I have a 1982 Buick Regal LIMITED, 4.1 252 v6. This particular car seems to feel the need to be worked on. Thing ran like a champ when I got it. ( Also my very first car) Once I started to legalize the thing, it all went down hill. It started with taking 4 times in 2 days to pass emissions, untill a nice mechanic rigged it so I could finally pass.
About 3 weeks after that it started run sluggish acting like it was just spitting gas every once in awhile right after hard acceleration in the arizona heat. This car was dying on sharp turns and no turns leading to lockup of all funtions ( steering, brakes,and power ). This persisted until I listened to another non-mechanically inclined person and changed the fuel filter to carb. Yeah well that worked for about a week until i ran in to this current problem. The car out of nowhere is not running on all cylinders and is making this horribly annoying noice. I replaced spark plugs which one was broken and spark plug wires. Since this fixed the problem of the cyls. until the second time I started it afterward. I took out the spark plugs 2 days later and they were covered in what I think is to be carbon deposits ( really black dry soote ). Wire brushed to clean reinstalled carefully. NO GOOD. Why? and What is the plastic to metal sound? OHHHHH Yeah. Since before the fuel filter problem the tranny is (supposed 2 be) automatic but right now it is manual automatic. Needs help out of the first or second gear. PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND. This is the only mode of transportation i have to be at work at 4:30a.m. Money is the object of my slow process.

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I LOVE your post! Well put .... what a hoot!

>>It started with taking 4 times in 2 days to pass emissions, untill a nice mechanic rigged it so I could finally pass.

What did the mechanic do to rig it? That might be part of your problem.

An '82 Buick? That's almost certainly carbureted. It sounds to me like you may be flooding with fuel. Probably an out-of-adjustment choke.

I soooo don't miss my carb engines. I put manual chokes on mine because I never was able to get the dang thing adjusted to my liking.

As for the tranny, you may be lucky enough to only have a kick-down cable or lever that needs adjusting. The transmission has a mechanical link (in your car) that connects it to your throttle.
(So it knows how far you have the gas pedal pushed down)

If this is out of correct adjustment it will cause improper shifting. When you mean help shifting do you mean driving fast in 1st to get it into second or that you have to let off the gas pedal because it's slipping?

Any little detail that might not seem significant will help with a long distance diagnosis.

Just be nice to 'er. The ol' girl is 20 years old!

The best I can tell you for either solution that I suggested is to buy a repair manual and study that baby. ($12-14 bucks that is soooooo worth it)

Whether by necessity or by choice... fixing your own car for the least amount of money will involve you doing it yourself. Doing either of these procedures without gaining some knowledge first will probably land you in worse condition.

They word those manuals to be easily understood. But don't be fooled by those one sentence procedures they put in there. Just because it says, "remove such and such" in one little sentence doesn't mean it'll take that long to actually do.

You picked a good car to start learning on.
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Thanx Jason for the reply. It is much appreiciated. I actually have 2 repair manuals Chilton and Haynes I've been comparing the two and putting it together. There are a couple of problems with the repairing process though. The Regal was put back together by the previous owner ????????? Ha Ha. Plus the computer and ALOT of other wires are dry rotted and cut. GHETTO as many people I know would say. Another thing is that the repair manuals (excluding the simularities of GM car of that time) has too big of a time and model period covered and one of the books only explains & shows illustration until 80. Then specifies a chapter of conversion for later models. I will check that tranny asap though.
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At minimum it sounds like it needs a full tune up (plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PCV, all filters, vacuum lines, etc) and probably a carburetor rebuild. It actually has a 4 barrel Quadrajet (yes on a 6 cylinder) in this year.

If what you're saying is true, pitch this car. It sounds like it was cobbled together with parts and pieces from other things. If you're saying the wiring harness to the ECM has been cut and spliced, I have to think this car has some bad old history.

For the record, the 4.1 V6 as used in these GM's is the 3.8's bigger brother and bigger headache. It s a royal POS, sorry to say. Be very careful about putting more than a couple of hundred into a car like this, it will soak you bad and still be unreliable.

Jason gave you some good starting points, but I'm afraid based on your description, it's deeper than that .

The factory OEM manual is the way to go, but unless you can find one used, I wouldn't spend too much on this car.

As terrible as it sounds, I'd pitch it for something better (like a V8 GM of this vintage) which is a more reliable engine and platform. The car's a great choice, the engine and tranny are not.
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A quadrajet and a 6 banger? That's pretty funny!

A computer too? yikes, I was thinking it was before the days of the dreaded computer. (and I don't know why! I had a '79 Cordoba with a dang lean burn computer)

Feedback quadrajet? Man that sounds like a nightmare!

I think it's time for some new wheels... and next time look for the signs of an overly cobbled car. lol

I'd certainly "go with Joe" and put as little as possible in this baby.

Unless you can somehow find the parts necessary to get rid of the computer system and just revert 'er to an old style carb engine. Then you can just forget about all of that computer gunk. But you'll also have to figure out the timing, since the timing advance is probably controled by the computer.

So either cobble the hell out of that thing and get rid of that computer or try to find another person who wants to deal with it.
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Exclamation It's really going to work out

The car sounds like I should just blow it up, but the fact is that is car will make it. The parts are available in time. I just need some help with my current problem ( OF THE WEEK LOL).
Jason the tranny used to shift on its own with the occational having to let up on the gas. Now I have to start driving in L2 then shift to D manually. It shifts on its own when cold in the morning
sometimes and others if I just don't care at the time and just keep the gas down, but in that scenerio it sounds like it will blow b-4 it will shift.I'll still check the kick down cable.

Joe, the car is really fixable and I only paid 300 bones for the thing (lol) from family.It will make it. In your position as a mech which I think u r, If you saw this car and under the hood you would be able to help yourself from working on it, the experimental computer that GM used on that year is going to know it's fate soon (replacement). You might be able to help me or tell me where I can find hose diagrams for it. ( older Chilton & current Haynes don't have)

The noise I have is very loud in the initial gear until it is shifted into another, but still persists after that at a minimal volume. AHHHHHHHHH

p.s. I Love Anyone That Helps Me
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I still woud pitch it, as you're already in the hole 300 bucks for it. It is going to be one VERY troublesome vehicle. It wasn't worth a wooden nickel in 1982, and 20 years later, it's not worth cobbling together or spending any money on. It's an unreliable engine and transmission.

Your car, spend what you like on it, but spend you will. Joe says pitch it and start with something in much better shape and with proven longevity.

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