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Unhappy 78 Tbrid

I have 1978 T Brid 66000 org mi.351 modified eng.2bbl carb.
2 wks ago took car for along ride it ran great that was on sunday.Monday the wife took it to work and it got about 5mi.and it started running bad the hotter it got the worst it ran.It had no power and was popping back thru the carb. When she told me about it i 1st thougt we got some bad gas.But that would not explain the popping thru the carb.So i used it for work.When i 1st started it it ran ok but the hotter it got the wrost it ran.So i thought it must be an ingtion problem.It had the org.coil on it so i stopped at the parts store and got a new coil and spark module[brain] hooked that up quick and went to work but those 2 items didnt help.Got the car home and let it sit till the weekend.This past sat. i checked the distrbutor there was a little side play in the shaft so i put a new dist.in it.The car once again ran great.She used it MON. TUE and WED car ran great until she was coming home wed.nite it is now doing the same as before NOOOO power and popping back thur carb i cant see that it would be a timeing chain be cause it ran good for a while with the new dist. just wondering if there is a relay or sending unit that might cause this.Or any other opinons as too what might be going on with it
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How much play is there in the timing chain. Sure the distributor isn't getting loose on you?

When's the last time the carburetor has seen a rebuild? Is the distributor the right one?
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Right on.

This realy sounds like a timing issue. Either valve timing (chain) or ignition timing (distrubutor).

You could have tested that old coil pretty easily and determined that you didn't need that. Check for spark. If it's sparking then it's working the way it should. When it sparks is controled by the stator in the distributor.

You might have been able to have the spark module tested at the auto parts store.

Only 66k?! Not bad!

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