air controls/cruise control


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Unhappy air controls/cruise control

Model--Lumina APV MiniVan
Engine Size--V-6
Trans type(auto, manual, overdrive)--Automatic
Problem in detail with car(when problem occurs, what is engine temp, outside temp, engine rpm, etc...)--
My temp. controls on dash are stuck on mix(defrost and floor) and won't switch to other controls(vent/defrost/floor individually). They do switch on and off--I hear the clicking noise and the light lights up but they don't switch levels.

Also cruise control quit working the same time this all happened. Are these two problems connected to the same vacuum system somehow and if so where do these lines connect at and is there a certain piece that might need replaced to fix this problem??

Thanks for your help.
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You have a vacuum leak.
There is a vacuum canister (looks like a round ball) probably close to your brake booster canister. It will have one or two small vacuum hoses connected. Trace these down to see if you can find disconnected or broken hose.
If you can't find the canister, trace your vacuum lines beginning from the throttle body.
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I agree with Dan. This is a vacuum problem.
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i found a cannister located under passenger side front bumper area and also where the vacuum lines connect to the engine. How can i tell if either of these are bad??
Once again thanks for your help.
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Try using a Mityvac (a hand held vacuum pump) to see if when you pump it up, it holds vacuum or it drops.
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Thumbs up fixed

problem solved everyone. Thanks for the help.

I traced the lines a little better and found that they connect at the carbuerator and found that both lines had broken away from their connection(the adapter that goes over the vacuum line and the carbuerator end had split in half on both hoses.) Got new connector and hooked it up now I have cruise control and a very cold interior.

Easy problem this time.

Thanks again.


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