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Question 87 mazda 626

My husband maintains our vehicles on a regular basis, but this time he is stumped......87 Mazda 626 non-turbo, automatic.The car starts but runs like the timing is off (which it isn't). It reaches 70-80 on the freeway fine but around town it hesitates and feels like it will die any second. Actually it did cut out on me twice while just driving the street.....My husband checked the vacuum hoses for leaks, checked the timing, put in new spark plugs, there is spark at all the plugs.Some one recomended putting in two can of carb/choke cleaner...not sure about that? The Catalytic converter sounds like it has a hole but he visuallly does not see one. What about the seal at the Catalytic converter could it need to be replaced? Also the pre-silencer ( we believe that is what it is called) appears to have a small crack...any ideas? thank you in advance
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What did the old plugs look like? Black with soot or any other telltale signs of problems? Although the carb cleaner treatment won't hurt, it's not likely to fix the problem you are describing.

Some basic preventive maintenance items that you can try if they have never been changed:

1. Timing belt; could have jumped a tooth if worn enough.
2. O2 sensor; can make the engine run rich.
3. Fuel filter.
4. Plug wires.
5. A plugged converter is also a possibility, but you'll need someone with some test equipment in order to check that.

For a 1987 vehicle, even if none of these items is ultimately the problem, they are probably overdue for replacement (except the converter; run it until it fails) if they haven't been done or been done fairly recently.

You might also stop by your local AutoZone if they are in your area. They will do a free read on any computer codes you may have.

Should be getting additional posts here from the experts.
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Not much more to add to what TowGuy said, he hit the basics.

This is when an old piece of Japanese iron starts to soak you..when it gets old. It starts to come unravelled and parts for it go up in price .

Rectify any exhaust leaks as they are not only annoying, but dangerous (carbon monoxide in the passenger compartment can kill you).

Other than that, do as Tow Guy suggested...all good ideas.
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Thanks so much for your input....husband working on O2 sensor as I speak....will let you know outcome, ......

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