clutch release bearing


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clutch release bearing

I have a toyota pickup '86. it's a 4 banger. i believe that the release bearing poped and now the clutch stays disengaged. ican start it then let the pedal out and it will run while in gear. is that whats wrong and how hard is it to take the transmission on and off to get to it?
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More than likely, if the clutch isn't engaging, the clutch disk is worn out and slipping.
Either way, the trans has to come out. Even if the t/o bearing has "popped".
But in the unlikely event that the throw out bearing has come apart, the clutch would NOT release.
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I agree with 0Patience. Time to open it up. Replace the clutch disc, throwout bearing and pressure plate with good quality parts. Also have the flywheel resurfaced at the same time.

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