75 chevy 350 broblem


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75 chevy 350 broblem

I previousely asked this question and was asked for more info
I have a 72 chevy truck with a 75 350 {so i was told?}engine
it was used two days a week to haul fire wood in a camp ground it was deliverd to me by driving it 100 city blooks it sat 2 years befor i got it. i had the carb re bult by a friend plain old quad,carb on a plane old engine. starts, revs,but fall on her face when put in gear[auto trans] cant two foot it .[thought about jacking up the rear end ,.]elec ignition.dont find any air leeks.
troubled Ron
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Still need more information. Please use your reply button to keep the posts continuous and so everyone can follow it.

Mechanical condition of the engine?
Last time it saw a tune up?
Mileage on the engine?
Anything removed (smog equipment, EGR, etc)?
Was the carburetor properly rebuilt and adjusted? What specs were used? All parts changed?
How's the timing? All the vacuum lines there and to the right place?

Sounds like it needs to be gone through a bit before we can provide more information .

Note to 0Patience: Things aren't always what they seem . This is why I require as much information as I can to help.
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Thumbs up A fine truck the 1972 C/10

Thank you Ron,

This information you have given us will help us a lot.

As a matter of fact the 1972, C/10 is one of my Favorites; the important part we see here is you have the HEI (Electronic) distributor.

The HEI has 3 very small wires that go to the pickup (Like magnetic points), & in some cases, these wires will weaken and start to break. They are moved back and forth with the vaccum advance. The early signs of breakage are: you give it gas to go, & it acts as if the key switch had been shut off for a moment.

I would like you to try an easy test for us. Unplug the vaccum hose from your vaccum advance on your distributor, and plug it with a golf Tee or the like. This will deactivate the vaccum advance & tell us if there is an improvement. Not having the vaccum advance hooked up, will by it's self, cause a small bog. However, not near to the extent that you describe.

My Son & I specialize in restoring the 1967 to 1972 Chevrolet Pick-up trucks. We see many trucks that have been stored in many different ways. All have a few things in common. Parts made of rubber, cork, gasket materials tend to disintegrate over time.

Many times trucks that have been sitting idle, will require that you replace all the gaskets, seals, & fluids even on low mileage trucks, Transmissions, & engines.

Do you have a compression tester? I would like to get a reading on all 8 cylinders if possable. Also what are the color and condition of your Spark plugs now? Have you removed all old fuel from your gas tank & replaced all fuel filters? When in doubt allways check the basics, this is where we find most of the problems. One basic thing is a small amount of stale fuel, will cause large problems.

It is probably a simple thing causing this & won't cost you an arm & a leg. Now that we have begun a test and see process, let's check all the simple checks & get this great piece of American history back on the road.

Ron you have a very desirable Truck there, so never fear you will always get your money back, if you ever decide to sell it. One other thing Ron. Looking at the front of the engine what side is the Alternator on?


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