electrical problem


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electrical problem

I have had a series of electrical problems relating to wiring at the rear hatch. The rear window defog does not work - The rear wiper would operate only when the head lights were turned on - the power window switch to a rear door operates sometimes and sometimes not. Now a more serious problem has surfaced.

I have a 1999 Ford Escort Wagon.

The fuse that controls the gear shift lock / rear brake lights blows instantly with compression on the brake pedal.

A mechanic disconnected the brake light on the hatch and the rear wiper several months ago and the problem went away. It has now returned. It seems nobody really wants to mess with the problem so I am considering taking it to a dealership.

Do you have any words of wisdom? Could these problems have a common solution or has somebody really messed up the wiring?

All the connections at the back hatch check out OK. This includes the license plate light - break light - wiper - rear defog.

I am looking for the relay switch that controls the brake lights to check this but I cannot locate.

Does anything come to mind that you have seen before?

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The vehicle is a 1999 vehicle and should be covered by the factory warranty, so the repair should be free.

I'd let the dealer handle it and see what they find. Might also want to take a look for any bulletins or problems at www.alldata.com
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The car is out of warranty due to mileage- I am over 70K.
Will take your advice and just hope I do not get socked for $200. They told me it could take 1 to 4 hours of labor.
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There have been a few wiring/electrical gazorches that Alldata mentions:


You might ask the Ford dealer to print some of them out to have a look and see if they are related or contribute to fixing your problem. Tough to tell without seeing the full bulletins.

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