Tie rod removal/install 92 Acura Integra


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Tie rod removal/install 92 Acura Integra

Hi. My daughter's mechanic said the driver's side tie rod on her '92 Acura Integra is dangerously loose, she could lose steering.

I plan to try to replace it myself to save her a few bucks. I have done things like replacing starters, brakes.. minor stuff. Have never done a tie rod. I am concerned that in Chilton I read that a special tool is needed to separate the tie rod end from the steering knuckle.

Can this be done without the special tool? How? What about inserting the new one into the knuckle?

Is it worth it for me to do it myself?

Appreciate any help. Thanks... Bob T.
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I assume you mean the outer tie rods? The inner ones are located in the rack and pinion and a special tool is required there too. Lisle offers it in their line...someone just gave me one recently .

The tool is called a pickle fork. Any part store has it or Autozone (or any parts store with a tool rental program) can lend you one. Sears has them as well...about 15 bucks.

Once you pop it out of the knuckle it should just unscrew from the rack and pinion arm. Mark the position of the old one as to how many turns off the rack it is. Approximate that on the new one. It will just drop into the spindle. Tighten the nut accordingly and put in a new cotter pin.

Right away, get the car aligned at a reputable alignment shop. I also suggest you change both tie rods, the other side is likely wiped out too.

With that being said, autolibrary.org below might have something on it. Check there for an R&R procedure.

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