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Post Change Fuel Regulator Process I-roc

I have a 89 I-ROC that I have been having fuel problems with . I have the V-8 (305 or 350 ) fuel injected eng. I have changed out the fuel pump , and the mass air sys in the last two weeks . My mech told me that the fuel regulator is more than likely the problem . He said that I am pumping out 45psi , when it should be at 40 . I am bogging out when I step on it , and have poping sounds when i go up hills. I was wondering how hard it is to change out ? about how long it should take (mainly if my mech does it). oh it has a pretty knew pcv value too. Are fuel regulators a dealer part? do your really have to take the head off ? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
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I would check for a restricted exhaust system,most likely the catalytic converter.When you have a restricted exhaust your engine vacuum drops raising fuel pressure ,it also wil cause bogging out and the popping you describe because the burnt exhaust pops back through the intake valve.Simple remove your o2 sensor temporarily,and drive the car again looking for improvement.If it does have your converter checked.Good Luck
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A mechanic can use an exhaust back pressure kit to check for a clogged exhaust. A temperature probe can also check converter efficiency. A clogged catalytic converter is caused by something...that something has to be rectified or the new converter will suffer the same fate.

You either have the 350 or the 305 in the vehicle. If the 8th digit of the Vin # is an 8, it's a 350. If it's an F, you have a 305.....Hope for the 8...the 305 is a collosal dog .
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