Mechanic issue - how to handle?


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Mechanic issue - how to handle?

I have a 1996 Plymouth Breeze. I had a recent problem with the engine dying on multiple occasions. I took the car to a mechanic I've never used.

He said the car needed a new computer and went ahead and replaced that. The car still has the same problem so I took it back to the same mechanic. Now it appears that the car has something wrong with the timing belt I had replaced at the dealer 18 months ago. The timing belt work is out of the dealers warranty.

Should I really be expected to pay for the new computer since it did not fix the problem and I really have no proof that it even needed to be replaced? How do you handle a situation like this?
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If he diagnoised your problem as a bad computer and there is no change at all in your condition I would say no. If we mis diagnois a complaint, we refund the first repair and charge accordinly for what is needed. ECM's don't fail as often as they are blamed. Everyone make mistakes

Caution...if you were told it needed one repair and possibly addtional work thats different. Like a shorting soleniod or injector or sensor that caused the ECM to fail.

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As Larry said, usually not. Some shops try to cover a diagnosis by replacing a part. If it's not bad, you get charged accordngly .

I guess my first question is why you didn't go back to the dealer who seemingly gave you good service and repair. What led you to use this shop?

My .02: If the problem wasn't fixed by replacing the part, you shouldn't be charged for it. At least the part's cost should be refunded, the labor maybe you have to pay some of it.
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Thanks for the input. To answer the question posed to me, I didn't go back to the dealer for two reasons:

1. The service was not good. Car was not delivered in even close to the time frame suggested.

2. I have since moved and this mechanic is now much closer than the dealer.

Had I known the problem was with work that the dealer had done, I would have gone back regardless of the distance and the fact that their repair was out of warranty. I was merely looking for an independent mechanic I could trust near my new home and chose this shop because of a reccomendation of a new neighbor.
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Valid reasons. I would go back to the guy that installed the computer and explain politely what happened and try to work with him. If he's unreasonable then consider taking action, perhaps calling the Better Business Bureau or other state agency and let them know of your dissatisfaction.

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