car killing


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car killing

My buddy has a 91 Dodge Monaco, 3.2 L. V6 automatic transmission. Anyway, he said that he was driving and it was running fine until he put on the air conditioner. The car then started to sputter and lurch. As soon as he took the air off it ran fine. when he put the air on again it died. I was thinking the clutch was stuck and putting drag on the engine, but the belt would probably start to squeal before that. He then told me that it would only die or sputter if he was low on fuel. As soon as it was gassed up there is no problem. My buddy has a bad habit of letting his car run down real far on gas before he gets any put in it. I was wondering if it could be the fuel pump, or maybe there is not enough pressure in the fuel system when it gets that low. Any Ideas? thanks
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You got it right. Running a modern car low on fuel is a bad habit. The fuel cools and lubricates the pump. Low fuel conditions starve the pump of fuel and these two benefits.

Change the fuel filter to see if it helps. If not, do a fuel pressure check with a pressure gauge and a lower fuel level to see if the problem occurs and what the pressure is.

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