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Edgar Pitre
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Cool auto

I have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee with a 5.2L v8, all wheel drive. I bought the jeep at a jeep dealer with 26,653 miles. The dealer said it was never hit and was well taken care of. After a couple of months the veh. began to pull to the right. I took it back to the dealer and a wheel allianment was done with new tires at dealers cost. The proble did not go away. I took it to two other shops and they said the jeep was fine. The jeep still pulls to the right and I still have featherd tires. What can it be!
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Good possibility of wiped struts/shocks.

There are some bulletins here that might be relevant:

I suggest you have the Chrysler dealer print them out for you and you review them together and ask what can be done if the shocks prove to be OK.

My friend had one of those vehicles. It completely lost all the oil on a winter trip and was a wicked oil burner. I believe she wound up getting recourse from Chrysler eventually after my persistence that she follow up with them .
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Edgar Pitre
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Cool 98 jeep

Thanks for your help Joe. I changed the shocks two months ago.
I now have 51,110 miles on it and I realy don't burn much oil.
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If you bounce up and down on the truck and then let go, does it rebound and bounce more than two times? If it does, the shocks are bad again.

Sure the old shocks didn't cause the wear you're seeing on the tires now?
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Edgar Pitre
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Unhappy 98 Jeep

Sorry I took long to reply, I'm getting married this weekend.
The tires were changed and the problem is still there.
Thanks for your help.
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How's the condition of the shocks now? Feathered tires are usually an indication of bad shocks.

Have you approached the dealer with a printout of the titles of some of those technical bulletins that might apply?

Print out the bulletin titles from the link I gave you and go see the service manager at the dealership. Tell them you want the full printouts of the bulletins to review for possible matching symptoms. Tell them it's still not right and you deserve to get it fixed!

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