ready to give up!


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Angry ready to give up!

My husband got screwed over on somebody putting a new engine in our 1977 Dodge van and now he has to do it himself.He got most of it in but now he's stuck.He's putting in the rad and fan, he also has to put in all the hoses and electrical but doesn't know how and we can't find anybody we know that can help.We also don't have the money to hire a mechanic.He's ready to give up on the whole van.What if anything can we do?
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77 dodge van

find a chilton book on that model van
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Unhappy thanks but...

We actually have a book on the van but it doesn't explain the things we need.The main problem is that the guy who took everything out did it so that we can't find most everything.It's just all in a bunch of boxes.
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Luckily the electronics aren't too complex on this van, but you still need to have everything there.

I assume you have lots or wire and vacuum leads and don't know where they go? Were any of the wires cut off?

I always label the wires when I disassemble things so this kind of thing doesn't happen.

You may be able to find a shop manual for your van on ebay. I doubt Chrysler will still have it (but it's worth a phone call).

Usually there are wire diagrams in the repair manuals, but so many models are covered. They don't put everything in there. The shop manual should be specific to your van and year, and should include more detail of the electric and vacuum diagrams.
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Just a thought


I feel for ya, having gone through the same dilemma myself when I was young(er)...hahaha....and just learning.

I am under the assumption he has no one that he can rely on for help that has a clue.... under this circumstance, I would go to a wrecking yard that has the same year/model van and look it over REEEAAAALL good. Maybe even take some close-up photos. Only problem here is most of them for that year are stripped.
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Wise advice by everyone here. Bravo!

1) The vacuum hoses can be put back in the right order by looking at the emission diagram under the hood which shows how they are to be routed. Follow that as your guide.

2) As for electrical lines and work, I do suggest a wiring diagram for it. You might try your local library and see if they have an old Motor Repair manual for the van. Motor was excellent with regard to old diagrams, both wiring and vacuum lines. The OEM contact link in my signature file has information on where to get OEM manuals from the car companies themselves. Pricey, but worth it if you're into the van for the long haul. As others have said, you can find used ones on the internet. Just as good as new...I have a set of used manuals for my 1980 and 1979 Trans Ams. They've paid for themselves 50 times over already (66 bucks for the whole set ). Try Dan Bower at [email protected] or Dan Klein at [email protected]. Either Dan should know me as I recommend people to them all the time. Both Dans are good guys and gave me excellent service. The latter Dan is distinguishable at car shows throughout our country by his big cigar from what I'm told .

3) The suggestion to look at a similar van in a junkyard is an excellent one. Tell the yard owner your quandary and that you will buy the harnesses and whatnot to get yours 100%. However, you need to refer to this van so you can figure yours out. Most yard owners are probably ok with this if you offer to buy something .

4) I would like more detail on what you mean by "got screwed with a new engine in our van". First of all, what size engine? Secondly, why can't you/didn't you bring it back to the "mechanic" and make him make it right? If you paid someone to do a job, and you didn't get what you paid for, I would think you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Give them an honest explanation of your problem. Have you spoken to the shop owner? What has he said about your problem?

Let's start there and see what we have.
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