Smog Headache


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Angry Smog Headache

I have a '97 BuickSkylark with a 3.1 liter V6 that won't pass smog. The heads have been done but it still has high CO's on the 15mph test. They measured 0.85 with max being 0.51...but at 25mph test they measured only 0.04. Could this be a bad sensor? If so, which one? Or more likely the catalytic convertor? Yes, the car was warmed up before testing.
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When's the last time it saw a tuneup? Do any trouble codes appear?

Need more vehicle detail to help. Why were the heads done? Mileage?
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When did you get your oil changed last,also pcv valve and air filter?The heads being redone to correct valve problems would not affect co but hc.If I suspected a sensor it would be the O2 sensor closest to the engine.
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Smog Headache

The car has been tuned up recently, no trouble codes appear. Car has 135,000 miles. The heads were done because my mother was told it needed to be done after failing smog. (Needless to say they are now out of business) I got the car with motor torn apart but it is all back together now and STILL won't pass smog. Oil, air filter and pvc valve all replaced recently. It does have high hc's also, but did pass that part. Barely. Any more suggestions?
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Was the timing chain done? Might have slack in it.

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