1986 Volkswagen Jetta GL - 1.8 engine (manufactured in West Germany)


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Unhappy 1986 Volkswagen Jetta GL - 1.8 engine (manufactured in West Germany)

I'm having a terrible time finding out the correct rotation on the distributor cap that the "spark plug wires" should go. My Jetta just recently would not start for no reason at all. It's always been a good reliable vehicle. I left it sit for a day and then all of a sudden it started right up. I decided I would change the distributor cap.rotor, and spark plugs any way as they were not changed in the past 2 years that I've owned the car. Well, after I was done installing the new parts the car would start. I got my "Haynes Repair Book" out and checked the "cylinder order" which is 1234 and tried to figure out the correct rotation each plug wire should be placed on the "distributor cap". Unfortunately, I couldn't figure it out and the car is just sitting there. Also, the old distributor cap and rotor were pitted and had carbon on them so I'm glad I changed them. **Can someone please try to get back to me today?
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Try the autolibrary link I have posted below. If not, have you tried a library for a better manual?

I'm a little confused..if you took the plug wires off one at a time and transferred them to the new cap in the same way (typically the cap only fits on one way on most cars, the firing order will not be compromised.
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Smile 1986 VW Jetta 1.8 Engine

Thanks Joe. I went to that site you suggested and was able to get my car running again. The site was very informative regarding the "distributor cap" rotation and firing order. I'm thrilled to be back driving my Jetta.
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