Chrysler 1994 Fuel Filter


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Chrysler 1994 Fuel Filter


Does anyone out there have a line on generic fuel filters. The Chrysler dealer wants $20 for a fuel filter for my '94 Chrysler New Yorker. I think there must be a source under $10. HELP!
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Local parts stores in my area get from $9-15 for brand names, so dealer is not that far off price. Fuel filter is not something to replace with generic. Use factory or good aftermarket brand name. If filter dont filter good and lets dirt into the injection\throttle body\carb. You going to wish you had spent extra 10 bucks, because injection\throttle body\carb to get clean\repaired\replaced going to cost lot more than $10 bucks.

Good luck
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Chrysler 1994 Fuel Filter

Thanks to Online2 for the feedback. I have found that Kragen has a Purolator fuel filter for $12; they also have a Fram fuel filter for $20.

Also, I see AutoZone has a Deutsch fuel filter for $14. So, it looks like I have a few choices other than paying the dealer $20 for MOPAR.

Thanks again,

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20 bucks is not bad for an OEM's probably made by one of the aftermarket guys anyhow...

Any of the major aftermarket filters are fine.
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robary if your going to spend the $20.00 on a fram filter why just get the factory original one from the dealer Don,

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