Convert to auto from std

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Question Convert to auto from std

I have a 1997 Toyota RAV4 2dr 2DW - which is a 5-spd. However, my boyfriend can't/won't drive a manual trans. and I'm thinking that it would be cheaper to convert the tranny to an auto 4-spd.

Is this possible?
Is this a pain?
Is this something that would cost me and arm and a leg?
However much of an arm and a leg?
Has anyone done this on a newer import before?

Thanks so much!
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What the heck!!!!

First off, yes it can be done. Second, it is not all that big of a pain for someone who has experience. Yes, it will cost you a couple K.....

I must ask though, why the heck are you even considering doing this to a newer vehicle you bought with your hard earned money. Obviously, you preferred the 5 speed to the auto trans when you bought it.

Now your boyfriend wants you to change it. I say tell him to go buy his own vehicle that meets his expectations with his own money. He could get a descent one for the money you would spend to retrofit yours to his liking. If it were me, I would tell him to learn the 5 speed and like it or don't drive.

Sorry if I come of strong but until he marries you, I wouldn't suggest you go through any unnecessary expenses for a boyfriend.
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This is just my .02, and I hope I don't offend anyone, but I honestly believe that anyone who doesn't take the time to learn to drive stick( especially a man!!) has issues.

Be proud of your ability to drive stick (my wife has owned nothing but) and make fun of him at any given chance.

What happens in an emergency? Uh. sorry, I don't know how to drive stick...!
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Cost would be outa this world, do you realize you need a different ECU and engine harness? That alone would set you back $500-$1000. Also going to have to add some under dash wiring and maybe change that harness also.

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It will cost you a bundle to do, and it will be problematic. Not worth the hassle as Larry said.

Pitch the manual rower for an automatic if your significant other can't deal with it .

Nothing like driving a manual transmisison depending on the car. I love it in my 1979 Trans Am 400. My first stick shift car. No parallel
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yes its not worth it

I concur with joe and toyotaman.
I would not do it you have a great car as is. The cost and headace are not worth it. Like toyotaman said there is more to it then just the transmission.This is not like the old days like the 50s or cars have as many as nine computers .engine wire harness is diffrent for the auto then the manual trans and I am sure there is lots of other stuff.Not to mention the interior trim with is also not the same.TRADE it in or teach that guy of yours to drive a 5 speed.

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