94 mitsubishi mirage


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Question 94 mitsubishi mirage

hello and tanks again for the tip to how get rid off the water stains on my car I'used vinegar and work ok . but my question is this my friend have a 94 mitsubishi mirage 4cyl and 170.000miles and the car is sitting on the garage for almost a year and on sunday he try to star the car and ran fine but when you put it on drive loose power and back fire from the air filter any idea ? what can be bad cables bad timing or just to many miles he never tell me but I' think he move the cables but I'dont know the order?
you tink the best is to we get rid-off the car?
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Bad Gas?

Hi chilango69

Or it could be as simple as bad Gasoline. Take your gas cap off and give it a wiff. If you don't smell a fresh smell of gasoline but instead smell a stale smell of varnish your fuel has gone bad.

There is a product called Sta-bil fuel preservative. this is a must, if gasoline is not going to be used inside of 6 months.

After you remove all the old fuel and filters to remove all the old fuel you can. Put back in at least 10 gallons of fresh fuel and 2 ounces of denatured alcohol in your tank & try to start it again.

It only takes a few minutes to check your firing order, just to be sure. For as little as $10.00 you can buy a workshop manual that will show you all the specs like the firing order. It will also have a Trouble Shooting section, that just might help you get it started.

Denatured alcohol is not rubbing alcohol, it is what you buy at a hardware store, only 2 ounces to 10 gallons no more.

Good luck with your task & please let us know if we were able to help you get it started.

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The firing order and other vehicle details should be in the autolibrary link I have posted below. Check it out.

If you personally asked me if I would get rid of a 1994 Mitsubishi Mirage now, my answer would be no. Why? Because it would have been gone in 1995. Lol! Very lackluster car

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