Sound system- Dad needs help for son!


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Sound system- Dad needs help for son!

Just purchased a car for 16 yr old son. Car dealer gave (!?) us 2 -600 watt kenwood amps , 1 divine crossover, and 2 different 12" sub woofer speakers. System was not originally in the car that we purchased but it had had another sytem in it. It has the large hot wire with the 32amp BUSS fuse coming off the battery to the trunk. Car also has an Alpine stereo with 2 -6"x9" speakers in rear dash, which currently is installed. Need to know how to hook up amps, crossover and 2- 12" speakers. Also has an equalizer seperate from everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Might check for some help. They are great with this type of thing.
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The best advice I can give is to plan it before you start it.
Find a dry,well ventilated placement for the amplifiers (they generate ALOT of heat) and the crossover. As far as the EQ, that can be set anywhere so it's not cumbersome to use.
Start by checking to see if the radio has a "remote on" wire for the amps, if not a seperate switch will be needed for the hot wire to the trunk.
The perfect way to do an install like this is to empty the car of seats and carpet. You can peel the carpet back to run the cables by the door jambs.....but the closer to the middle of the cabin the lower the chance of someone doing damadge to the wires.
Work from the radio back, making sure everything is tagged so you dont get cross wired...connect to the EQ first......then to the crossover...then to the amps..then to the speakers.
Be sure not to run the power wires and the speaker wires next to will cause some distortion in the sound.
And by all means PUT A FUSE ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
You can pick up water tight fuse connections at most autopart stores. This little bit of precaution can save alot of headaches later(been there and paid for it bigtime).
Before you reinstall the interior check the system and all connections and you should be done.
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