Car overheats with A/C on


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Unhappy Car overheats with A/C on

Maybe someone out there has some ideas...

1992 Dodge Dynasty
3.3 Liter V6
206,000 Miles (Just can't kill this thing! )

Had overheating problems last winter. Replaced water pump, radiator and cap, thermostat, hoses and had system flushed. Problem was solved... or so I thought.

Now that summer has finally arrived, I can't turn on the A/C without fear of overheating. On a warm day (below 80 degrees), the car will run hot, but not overheat unless I pull a long hill or drive at extended high speeds (65 - 70 mph). On a hot day anything over 45 mph or a hill and the needle will get in the red, and then I have to shut the A/C compressor off and turn the heat on full blast to get the temp down.

Strange thing is, I thought most cars would typically overheat while idling for extended periods of time on a hot day with the A/C on. My car will idle all day with the A/C on in 100 degree weather!

The only thing I have not replaced in the entire cooling system that I can think of is the electric fan, wich I tested and works just fine (goes round and round ).

Any help here would be greatly apreciated
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Sounds like not enough cooling capacity. Did you use OEM or aftermarket rad?

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A/c overheats

Ya know, that never occured to me. I just whent to the local autoparts store and asked for a radiator for my make and model car assuming that I was given the proper part.

I'm going to look into that. Sometimes it takes another person to point out the obvious.

Thank you!!!
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Do the fans come on when they are supposed to? You state it runs (the fan) but does it come on when it should?
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I'd think that at 60-70 mph, it should cool. I wonder about the antifreeze/water ratio. I believe the antifreeze does a poor job of transfering heat, too much antifreeze can cause overheats. Maybe no more than 50% antifreeze 50% water is a good start. Seen folks add and add antifreeze to their system until it just overheats even though the radiator is full and fan is working.
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