1996 Escort LX overheats


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Unhappy 1996 Escort LX overheats

1. 1996 Ford Escort LX
2. 1.9
3. Automatic transmission
4. 100.000
5. Fuel Injection
6. Anti-lock brakes
7. Power steering
My problem is just this past June 5 we traveled to Ft. Benning Ga. My heat gauge has never moved over 1/4 mark which is normal. On this trip the gauge moved almost into the red. As we climbed up hill the dial moved up , when we traveled downhill it went down some. We added coolant that night after it cooled. On our trip back home we stopped at a rest area and it boiled over. After getting home we had our mechanic check it and he tested the radiator cap and thermostat. He replaced the thermostat. Last week we traveled to Athens Ga. ( 40 miles) the dial started rising and as it neared the red mark the air conditioning cut off. I turned the air off and when the dial moved down turned the air back on and it worked. The dial has never moved into the red just almost to the end of normal range. I hope I have given you all the information you need.

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Make sure the cooling fan is working.As soon as you turn your air conditioner or defroster on the fan should come on.Also the fan should come on when the temperature starts to get to high.If not the coolant switch for the fan may be defective.
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The fan is working fine. What else could it be?
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When you say the engine fan is working fine, is it working as Fordtech stated? If you turn on the A/C, it should come on right away.

With that being said, use a Motorcraft thermostat. Good chance you got two defective ones. The mechanic can also use a gas analyzer to check for the presence of hydrocarbons in the cooling system which would indicate a blown head gasket.
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You should have the entire cooling system preesure tested. If you are having to add coolant on a regular basis, it has to be leaking out somewhere, whether it be through a pinhole in a hose that will only leak under pressure, through the overflow due to a bad cap or into a cylinder due to a bad head gasket. Also have the system flushed after repairs are made and have the radiator and evaporator fins blown out to rid them of any obstructions such a bugs. You do this, as well as making sure the fan is coming on as Joe and FordTech have advised, and you will find (99.9% sure) your problem will be corrected.
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